Syndication Options

You have a number of options when it comes to syndicating your listings. Here are a few to consider.

SABOR Syndication Dashboard

SABOR has created a syndication dashboard in which brokers can login and select the sites to which they want to syndicate their listings. It’s as simple as a few quick clicks to opt in or out of each one.

Changes in the SABOR Syndication Dashboard take effect in real-time but most publishers pull MLS data at various times throughout the day. At this time, there are three publishers available to syndicate listings to on the SABOR Syndication Dashboard: San Antonio Express News, and

​We specifically chose to target San Antonio Express News, and as our first publishers because these are three of the most used and lead-generating sites that will bring the greatest value to our members.

You will automatically be opted in for the San Antonio Express News and, but opted out of When you login, it’s easy to see if your listings are going to the publisher or not and can be changed with one simple click.

Note that these publishers are only available on SABOR’s Syndication Dashboard.

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ListHub offers a free, automated feed-based service. As a broker member, you have total control over syndication via the ListHub dashboard. You choose the individual partner websites where want your listing shared. As listings are updated, ListHub provides analytic reports back to the broker and agent for a fee.